I'm applying for UNIVERSAL TRAVELLERS Competition!! (301 | Chile Travel VLOG)

30 September 2019 – Day 39 – Las Condes

VLOG 301

Today we pack our bags, check-out of our hostel and head to the suburbs and move into our new apartment in Las Condes!! 🎒🏙

Known as an upper mid to high end part of Santiago, Las Conde is known for its fancy hotels and lively dining scene from expensive restaurants to local take-away shops. Even might enrol to a gym for a month and get back into shape!! Super excited to be moving in and living like a local! 💪🏽🙏🏽

We arrive just after midday and settle into the apartment. Today we have a look at the details of a travel completion by @universaltravellerau and basically it’s to make a 60 sec vid showcasing your backyard for a chance to win a trip and share your story to one of 3 major destinations. With one of them being South America there is no way I can pass up this opportunity!! 🙋🏽‍♂️🌎 #utravdreamjob

We end the night with a visit to the local super market and buy our essentials like microwave meals, cereal and leche, fruits, Kit Kat and about 5 rolls of Oreo. Shopping is much more fun when you don’t understand any of the signs or what the cashier is trying to tell you!! Lol 🍪🍪

Joakim Karud – Chill

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