Impossible weekend EV road trip, Syd to the highest road in Australia. Day 1.

The Impossible weekend EV road trip, driving a Tesla Model 3 from Sydney to Charlotte Pass, and the highest point accessible by road in Australia, 500km one way, proving the governments claims that an EV, will ruin your weekends in Australia. This trip even earned us an interview on ABC national radio, explaining how this trip proved the weekend will be saved by the EV.
Total cost of charging for this trip was $0, due to our use of a referral code when we ordered our Tesla Model 3. so, if you are thinking of buying any Tesla model, please use a referral code, and you can also have 1500Km of free road trip supercharger travel by ordering through our referral code link.

Chucky the Construction Worker – Stings by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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