Increasing Your Bike’s Value

After you buy a new motorcycle, you may want to think about doing whatever you can to increase the value of the bike. For one thing, this is just good for your overall investment. For another, you may be able to sell the bike for more than you paid if you ever feel like getting rid of it. Motorcycles tend to hold their value fairly well, but actively taking steps to increase that value can certainly help with any type of bike.

The best place to start is by getting all of the accessories that people are going to want anyway. For instance, if the bike is going to be used for off-road tracks, they might want mud flaps to help keep the grime below the frame. If it is going to be used for long trips on the highway, they might want motorcycle gear like saddle bags so that they can carry items with them on their trips.

The reason that this helps is that most people have these additional costs hanging over their heads when they are going to buy a motorcycle. They are always thinking about what else they need. They tend to overestimate, which means they want to pay less for the bike so that they have enough left over to buy the extra items they want or need. If you can give them a bike and accessories, the total package, they will be glad to buy from you since you are saving them a lot of time and trouble and giving them a stable price.

You may also want to consider updates to your bike that increase its abilities. For off-road bikes and dirt bikes, this could mean larger, knobby tires. People need to get traction in mud, dirt and even snow. For a road bike, this could mean adding a windshield so that it will be easier to drive at high speeds for long distances.

Whether you are buying a new windshield, a set of tires or a pair of bike bags, the biggest thing to remember is that resale value is your goal. Therefore, you have to buy the items with the potential buyer’s interests in mind, not just your own. Try not to get anything that is too polarizing. Even if you love it, it could be hard to find a buyer who likes the same style, hurting your bike’s total value.

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