Full Story – Chinese Police caught us on our India to China ride at Nepal-China Border

watch the full adventure series of our ride to Upper Mustang iver here



  1. One of your friends said one side of the milestone is China and the other side is Nepal. So you actually knew you were on the Chinese side , but just trying to show your hero giri. One minute hero , next minute sorry sir.

  2. @bulubiker ur vlog is lively.. Ur positive attitude and fellow travelers are awesome…. One suggestion, if u already not planned it… U shd take a bike mechanic(sponsoring his trip) with U… Since u r a team… That way ur adventures don't affect u…. Secondly, for touring(80%) and ofroading(20%), am not clear to choose between Xpulse200 & Xpulse200T. Pls advice

  3. Creo que no hay nada mas preciso que sus videos, realmente se ven las dificultades de los terrenos. Y ponen a prueba el motor, la potencia, el torque, las amortiguaciones y todo en general de la moto. Gracias pro compartir. Asi, nos va mejor a la hora de hacer una compra de una motocicleta y no terminamos engañados con esos videos super engañosos que dicen que es la moto mas potente del mercado sin importar la marca. Buen viento y buena mar. Saludos desde Colombia

  4. You guys were lucky the Chinese just came and deleted pics. You never know if they start firing 😳. International borders pe sambhal kar bhai , specially china & pakistan.

    Excellent vlog 👍

  5. bhai bina soche samjhe kaise chale gaye nepal china baodar me china poolice kuch garde ta india ka janta he bolke to kaun jimabar kal ke din iska jimmawar nepal sarkar ko bhukkatna parta isiliye nepal ke baudar me mat jawo

  6. Tum lok lucky ho khuleaam ghumte ho
    Nepal me ,but if we visit India, u people
    Show ur badass behaviour, Istara border me mat ghuma kar ,waha per pic click karna allow nai he picture or videos


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