Actually, that is going to be the most important outbreak in historical past… No shit. Purchase meals, water, battery’s candles and something you’ll need…and please in case you can, a donation is desperately wanted man…I’ve virtually nothing. Thanks.
God bless you guys and good luck…I imply that.. 😷


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  1. Don't perish for lack of knowledge: Get Your PH UP and KEEP IT UP,
    baking soda, lemon juice, whatever.. Use litmus strips to monitor your PH level in saliva or urine. Keep PH over 7.5-8 all pathogens/ viruses will Not survive. CONTROL your PH and you are bullet-proof…
    You're Welcome.
    Good Luck & God Bless.

  2. Guys for no apparent reason some people cannot view this video, there are no strikes or restrictions on it and no reason, the Facebook upload is also having viewing issue's…. Strange indeed….see the community page for more

  3. weve had outbreaks of different viruses before in different places and they eventually fizzle out, the bad people who invented the virus want it to spread and kill everyone like you are afraid of. But they have tried many times with many different viruses, just keep your immunity up and things will be ok.