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Dinesh lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his mother in Bombay. On his 5th birthday, his father leaves them never to return. Now Dinesh has grown up, is working for the Criminal Investigations Department and has been assigned to stop the circulation of fake currency notes. In the course of his investigation, he falls in love with a reporter named Renu. Also as Dinesh digs deeper in the case, he makes a discovery of shocking personal significance. Watch what happens next.

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Jaali Note – Hindi Full Movie – Dev Anand, Madhubala, Om Prakash – Bollywood Movie

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  1. To je hodně dobrý den pane inženýre to je super a pak to tam je a bude se tam s tím ním a to v pohodě to bylo možné se s tebou a to i v případě potřeby je v tom případě se jedná o velmi děkuji a přeji hezký večer přeji hezký zbytek víkendu se na tebe myslím prosbu o tom

  2. देव आनन्द की हर फिल्म बेमिसाल हे.मे देव साहब कि हर अदाकारी व हर किरदार मे उनका जबाब नही..देव आनन्द साहब को कोई भी किरदार दो वो उस मे जान डाल देते हे. मे इसी लिए उन को पसंद करता हूं..