James Bond Shoes From Casino Royale Chase Scene

Do you want to pull off the James Bond look without spending thousands of dollars on expensive designer clothing? Bond doesn’t always wear a fancy tuxedo with $1,000 dress shoes. You’ll be surprised to know that he also has his “casual” wear. You’ll learn how to pull off the 007 look with the casual James Bond shoes.

James Bond, aka 007, is one of the most admirable characters in movie history. He is known for being a smooth talker, seducing countless women and killing endless villains, in order to complete his mission. Bond is every woman’s dream and every woman’s nightmare, at the same time. He also has exceptional style.

In Casino Royale, a hit movie from 2006, Bond (played by Daniel Craig) has a mission in Madagascar. He is sent out to take down a scar-faced man and get crucial secret agent information out of him.

A massive chase scene begins. The scene is famous for displaying the elegant parkour aka free running. As a matter of fact, the scene’s antagonist is a famous parkour expert by the name of Sebastien Foucan. Throughout the scene, Bond chases Foucan through the crowded streets of Madagascar while wearing the James Bond Shoes.

Since parkour requires a lot of balance and proper traction, these particular James Bond shoes offered just that. The entire sole is flat and made of soft rubber which will provide desired traction to the dangerous sport of free running.

If you would like to wear the casual Bond shoes, you can find them at Soletopia. You can even find a low-cut version of the shoe, which is twice as cheap as the original mid. Looking like 007 doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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