Japan pt.4 An Irish Tokyo Farewell [Travel Vlog]

Joe and Bethany wrap up their 2019 Japan adventure in Tokyo on St. Patty’s day. There were shrines, temples, otters, owls, and Guinness.

Nabezo’s Menu –
There are many locations around Tokyo. It was simply amazing and I highly recommend it!

Sushi Zanmai –
James, my local advisor in Tokyo seemed to infer that this might not have been the best choice… BUT, the tuna was very very good and that is what I wanted.

Forest of Owl –
We originally had no plans to visit an owl cafe, but saw that the location in Asakusa had otters – and even though your interaction is limited with them, it was a good experience. The animals seemed well taken care of and not forced into “show business” for people (sometimes the staff poked or prodded an animal to come out of hiding). It was a good experience at a good price. You could make it up in coffee from the machine in back honestly.

When preparing for travel, I soak in many sources – some of those are YouTube channels. We depended on the following for some of our choices when traveling in Japan:

Elise & Aaron – They traveled to Japan a few months before us and assisted when I had questions about what they did in Kyoto and we learned about Forest of Owl through their videos as well. Give them a view.

Rambalac – This is a walking channel. We used the content to help familiarize ourselves with areas around Japan. I personally learn better visually, than by names of places, so it was very helpful.

Abroad in Japan – This channel introduced us to Rabbit Island and the Seto Inland Sea. His channel is filled with good content that spans the country. It also is rife is British sarcasm.

Internationally Me – Her channel has changed quite a bit as her mission has changed over the years, but her channel helped me greatly in making decisions over the course of both my trips to Japan.

Paolo from Tokyo – I picked up on a bunch of cool smaller places to check out over the years from watching his channel.

Thanks to everyone who assisted us along the way, and to everyone who made our trip magical while we were there. James, as always, its a damn pleasure to see you whenever I can. Till next time!


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