Japan Travel Guide : 2019 Akiru-jinja Shrine Grand Festival #2 #阿伎留神社 #氏子廻り #御仮屋 in Tokyo Akiru

御仮屋出発 0:01 阿伎留神社前 05:46 阿伎留神社前手締め 06:18 阿伎留神社前出発 07:00 手締め 15:47 出発 16:14 手締め 23:27 25:05 檜原街道 26:54 いなげや 手締め 30:30 いなげや 出発 31:26 檜原街道 34:30 五日市警察署 37:18 小沢屋酒店 手締め 38:27 小沢屋酒店 出発 40:26 手締め 44:02 出発 44:49 檜原街道 48:09 御仮屋入 52:10 挨拶と手締め 53:46

▼2019 Akiru-jinja Shrine Grand Festival Revival List

▼About Akiru-jinja Shrine Reitaisai Akiruno Sandai Matsuri
It is a powerful festival that a Rokkaku portable shrine with more than 100 kan, which is rare in Japan, parades along Hinoharakaido in 5 towns.
Rei Taisai is held on September 28, 29, and 30 every year, with carriers from Shitamachi, Nakamachi, Kamimachi, Sakaemachi, and Higashimachi carrying out togyo.

▼Agaru-jinja Reitaisai Akiruno Sandai Matsuri Official Website

▼Venue and Access to Transportation
Akiru-jinja Shrine: 15 minutes walk from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station on the JR Itsukaichi Line bound for Hinohara
1081 Itsukaichi, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo

▼video information
Date: September 29, 2019 (Sunday)
Camera: Sony Xperia

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