Japan Travel Guide :2019 Honjo Matsuri Festival #2 #本庄まつり #はにぽんプラザ in Saitama Honjo

▼2019 Honjo Matsuri Festival Revival List

▼About Honjo Matsuri Festival

This is a festival held by Kanasana Shrine, popularly known as Honjo’s “Chinju no matsuri Festival”. The floats are decorated with splendid sculptures and elaborate carvings finished with gold leaf and lacquer, and beautifully patterned curtains, and the elegant sound of the musical accompaniment played by the musicians, including children, creates a unique festival atmosphere.

▼Honjo Matsuri Festival Official Website

*Venue and Access to Transportation
Approximately 5 minutes walk from JR Takasaki Honjo Station

▼video information
Date: November 3, 2019 (Sunday)
Camera: Sony Xperia

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