Japan Travel Guide :2019 Kawagoe Festival #2 #川越まつり #川越市 #猩猩 in Saitama Kawagoe

▼2019 Kawagoe Festival Revival List

▼Kawagoe Festival
The Kawagoe Festival’s strongest feature is the festival float event which reproduces the ’Edo Tenka Matsuri’ festival. Spectacular festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls are pulled around the center of Koedo-Kawagoe’s landmark Kurazukuri (traditional architecture) Zone. Spectators will be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the many festival floats as they pass by each other when meeting at an intersection.

▼Kawagoe Festival Official Site

▼Venue and Access to Transportation
15 minute walk from Honkawagoe Station
20 minute walk from Kawagoeshi Station
30 minute walk from Kawagoe Station

▼video information
Date: October 19, 2019 (Saturday)
Camera: Sony Xperia

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