japan travel vlog ☁️ takayama festival & shirakawa-go village

i likely only have one more japan vlog after this, and i’m really sad about it but also really excited because ahahah it’s taken like a year for me to upload all of these. i just get so nostalgic every time i edit! i’m very ready to jump on a plane and go back. anyways, in this vlog, paloma and i took the train from kyoto to takayama. what you don’t see in this vlog? my losing my jr pass, us stressed out because advance reserve tickets to takayama sold out, and me so exhausted on day 1 that i ended up going to the hotel at 5pm to eat (amazing) 7-11 ramen and then heading to bed. regardless, i loved getting to explore this area of japan so much, and i hope to visit again when it’s covered in snow!

#japantravel #japan #takayama #shirakawago #travelvlog


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