Japanese Architecture Design #137 | Zen Garden House | Redondo Beach, California

It’s not everyday you get to see inside a California home with floors made of pebbles and tatami. Welcome to the Zen Garden House in Redondo Beach, California.

This spectacular 3-story home mixes modern architecture esthetics with asian traditional styles to create an atmosphere familiar to modern-day Japan or China. While the style is often considered Japanese, it is also ubiquitous in other asian countries.

Within this home is a zen garden with flowing water that echoes throughout the entire main chamber of home. There is a green wall (living wall) growing up the entire length of the first story. A tatami room for tea or meditation sits perfectly juxtaposed the zen garden. All of these elements come together to make a home that captures the senses.

In this film, we take a musical journey to this one-of-a-kind, Redondo Beach home.

Builder (K Lang Custom Homes) –
Film by Chibi Moku –
Color Grading by Thomas Stigler


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