Japanese Nakajima 10N or "Mt Fuji" FUGAKU

Plane is Japanese Nakajima 10N or “Mt Fuji” FUGAKU
Was to be an ultra long range bomber to travel to the West Coast of the USA and back to Japan.
Would have been 50% larger than the B-29. The war ended before it could be built.
This “one off” customer built model has a 3 m or approx. 10′ wing span and 9 feet long.
Six Monster 32 motors, with conservative Master airscrew 12×8 props.
Six Wild Scorpion 4 cell 4200 mah batteries in the nose along with a three cell 3000 mah battery for the radio and sound system. This provides just over 3.5 KW at take off power.
Approximate weight of 25 LBS with 18″ flaps.
To my knowledge it is the only model of the 10N in North America.


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