JR Pass: Tokyo to Osaka on the Shinkansen Bullet Train – Is it Worth It? (2020)

We answer the million-dollar question: Is the Japan Rail Pass worth it for going from Tokyo to Osaka, with a few side trips in between?

We get it. The JR Pass Japan is a HUGE investment that digs deep into your pocket before your trip even kicks off. Ouch. I know. In this video, we reveal when it’s a good idea to buy the Japan Rail Pass and instances where you really should just save your money and not get one at all.

Here’s the thing though – if you’re solely traveling from Tokyo to Osaka on the Shinkansen or vice versa, with a couple day trips within the Kansai region to either Kyoto, Nara or Kobe, then it’s NOT worth getting the JR Pass.

If you’re looking to do a fair few day trips within the Kansai region, there are more cost-effective options and alternatives to the JR Pass 7 Days or more, such as the Kansai Area Pass or the Kansai Wide Area Pass.

For more info on those passes, take a look at our detailed blog post.
→ Complete Guide to the Kansai Area Pass:

Looking for the best place to buy your Japan Rail Pass? The most competitive prices for the 7, 14 or 21-day JR Pass Japan can be found on Klook.
→ Buy Japan Rail Pass:

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We hope this video helps you determine whether the Japan Rail Pass is worth it and saves you money so that you can invest more into buying cute souvenirs, gachapon, Kit Kats and Mochi. You know, the important stuff.

Happy travels!

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