Kids climb mountain and grow… beards?! River & Wilder Show

The kids from The River and Wilder Show hike through an old-growth forest to summit the peak, gain wisdom, and grow magic green beards? OK, maybe its just green lichen, but the hike was a blast, and the beards look hilarious. We’ll learn about hundred-year-old cedar trees, find gross banana slugs, and even toss in a few random Zelda references for fun. So join us for some family vacation fun on Vancouver Island British Columbia with Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures!

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TV FOR KIDS! We’ve got kids, fun and adventure! Join our family as we travel, explore, and go on kid-friendly adventures making episodes for our fun kids’ channel. Families who watch the show are known to go outside more, take on lofty art projects, and be inspired to plan their own great adventures.


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