On March 19, Los Angeles County announced new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Called “Safer at Home,” the new policy requires nonessential stores — including malls and shopping centers — as well as playgrounds to close. Gatherings of 10 or more are prohibited.


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  1. There's no need for fear.

    We're shutting businesses down, stores are running out of supplies, and you probably can't pay your rent now because your job has told you "Sorry, this STRAIN OF THE COMMON COLD has made us shut down. Good luck"

  2. Can we please get this idea implemented. What if we set up a system where A-F shop on Monday, G-S on Tuesday and T-Z on Wednesday. This is not rationing since supply is plenty but this introduces an organized structure where people feel they have a fair chance at shopping with less groups and know that they will have another chance in three more days. This instantly removes panic of not being able to shop with the massive free fall we have today, but also addresses the need and hoarding since everyone knows their turn comes up every three days. So you’ve addressed the panic and the need. Sure stores will need to check ID but right now they already have hours for elderly and reduced shoppers to a smaller amount at a time. I feel most people will respect this because the panic drops and the need drops if they feel they have a fair chance of shopping and the need decreases when you can do it again three days later. Please pass this along because I think it will help

  3. The CACP (California communist part) has spoken. You crazy officials need to send printed out notices to businesses that you want to close and deem non essential. Until then it's too unclear and I'm going to work.