La Boca afternoon! Travel in Buenos Aires (La Boca | Pho mukbang | Chocolate cake at Pertutti)

Finally it’s our last video in Buenos Aires before we shoot off to Puerto Iguazu to continue our one year trip through South America!

We make sure to check out La Boca, the neighbourhood made famous by the different colours painted all over the walls (and the footpaths and everything else!). It was fun for a quick walk around and we took some fun photos!

Then we went BACK to the epic pho place we found a few videos back, because we expect nice Asian food will be hard to come by once we leave Buenos Aires!

We have some yum cake at Pertutti, which was super busy. The cake was so good, would definitely go back.

We are two New Zealanders who have finally quit our jobs and have started our 1 year travel around South America! Our first country is Argentina. We stayed in Buenos Aires for a month studying Spanish. We are doing a vlog of our budget travel for the memories.

We always like to share our travel experiences and budget travel tips so please check out our other videos for more awesome South American adventures. Make sure to ask any questions or give tips in the comments!

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