Try our Labrador Pet Buddy’s humorous response when watching canine channel, canine music and different canine movies on TV.

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Labrador Pet Watching and Reacting to Canine Channel, Canine Music and Different Canines on TV (Humorous Response)

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  1. Hi buddy!! my favourite channel and I am big fan of Buddy because he is cute, smart, funny,intaligant,and his voice is melting everyone's heart ❤️❤️and he is growing very fast.can you post about: buddy going with all buddy's friends pls I want it
    anyways love you buddy ❤️pls say buddy that I am your big fan🙏🏻❤️and buddy is cute dog in the world!! really I am excited for other video ❤️

  2. LOL thats true!
    Gundu, my Lab was a big time 'breedist' (if you would) or racist too… He used to make friends with only good looking Labs n Golden Retrievers like himself n with other dogs he used be like "ehh I don't like you". 🤣 They are also very very smart n will manipulate you with just their big brown eyes.😆
    A big ❤️ to Buddy.

  3. Enjoying TV like hoomans! Smart lab…..he appeared so big,while giving u a slide glance …..ur boy is growing into a handsome hunk, beware of d doggies around! Joking….
    Barked his heart out on seeing similar species : hahaha….. continuous entertainment at your house, thanks to buddy ❤️🐶hugs