Leaving Alaska: Kluane National Park, Haines, & Skagway | Go North Ep 18

Our 6 month Alaska, Canada, and Arctic road trip continues in this episode as we depart mainland Alaska and start heading south. We spend some time camping along the Alaska or Alcan Highway and Kluane National Park, learning about the second largest mountain in North America, Mount Logan, and enjoying the amazing fall colors. Kluane National Park stretches west of the highway here all the way to the Canadian-Alaskan border that it shares with Wrangell-St. Elias National Park that we had visited earlier in the trip in Alaska. It is a part of a larger Kluane / Wrangell–St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek UNESCO World Heritage Site that encompasses 4 national & provincial parks and protects over 24 million acres of American and Canadian lands and the world’s largest non-polar ice fields.

We head through Haines Junction down to Haines Alaska through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. In Haines we visit the world famous Hammer Museum then hop on the Alaska Marine Highway to cross over to Skagway. This port is popular for cruising to and has many excursion activities, however our weather was poor and we only did a little shopping. Finally we drive White Pass, visit the Carcross Desert and end up in Whitehorse Yukon to reprovision.

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  1. Here my recommendation for Alaska and the Yukon, unless you want to miss out on attractions or like driving on possibly snowy roads, Last week in May to First week in September! Plus the fall colors are well past their peak.

  2. Kokanne are found ALL OVER B.C. AND ALBERTA[ almost all large lakes ], not just there. Otherwise i DO Love the series you've done so far. I am happy you did take some time to see B.C. too many Americans miss B.C. completley and there is just as much to see here as there is in Alaska. If time is not a problem come to BC in early april and migrate north with the temp and do the same in the fall thru sept, oct can be hit or miss in the higher regions but beautiful colors and warm daytimes abound. CHEERS Steve h.

  3. New to your channel. We are hoping to make it to Alaska this year or next; depending on somethings. Can't wait to catch up on your travels and learn from you! Safe travels.

  4. Awesome video..Beautiful scenery..I've never been to Alaska..How did your vehicle and camper fair on the trip for mechanical problems? Thank you for the video..Have a blessed day..

  5. so loved meeting you all wished I could have gotten a sticker but you all were so busy lol loving these videos you all are awesome 🙂 hope we can get a sticker soon take care

  6. Y'all had some amazing shots and great photos. But I feel you cheated us. Your coverage of what you did, what you saw, was not recorded. You should look at KYD and LJMJ channels to get why your coverage of Alaska sux. You did Lance a disfavor. I love you guys, but you disappointed me.

  7. Hello T/C. What a breathtaking trip! When all the pieces of my puzzle come together, I too will full-time it in a Lance 1172, I love the side door entry! With a dodge dually with all the bells and whistles… and air bags too! Lol. I've taken so many notes and your video clearly helps me set a pathway towards my goal!!!! Thanks for the info. Randy in Toledo. Safe travels always.

  8. Yes another fabulous episode! It was fun seeing you drive from Skagway along the Klondike Highway to Carcross Desert – the sand drive we did back in 2017! Loved the scenes of running through the sand and earlier with the rock skimming. We are going to be so sad when this series ends! But know that more exciting things are yet to come from you guys. Until then. Keep on having fun!!! 😎👍❤️

  9. Did you have to give the truck & camper back to Lance & start traveling in your own truck & living in your own rig again ? Did you bring back any Salmon from Alaska ? Decades ago While I was still living & working in upstate New York State I went on a one way Alaska cruise from Vancouver , BC the ports were Juneau , Ketchican & Sitka cruise ended in Seward . It was awesome .

  10. We're Dutch and we were also on the same ferry from Haines to Skagway. We saw you filming (we love the result! ) and saw your truckcamper. So I took a picture of it (to remember the web address).

  11. Battle born Batteries, as an engineer, I would most welcome a 50 AMP hr at a 40% price point. That can be stacked in the future purchase of expansion. Scale small entry point to 24 plugged together in a super system. Plugged in “series” & “ parallel at the same time is the best trick Elon ever taught us.

  12. I love your videos, we have been to a lot of the places you have covered but can’t go anymore because of a vision problem so thanks for letting us see these places again 🙂


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