Next to Twilight Princess’s Final level (Hyrule Castle) music… This is probably my favorite final level theme to a zelda game… not final boss FINAL LEVEL!!! AS IN DUNGEON!

But anyway…

God i hated this level… and yet loved it. I wasn’t too sure where to go almost all the time. and the best part about this level. Is right before you fight vaati (the Three rings of the bell trial)

Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap Music -Dark Hyrule Castle-


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  1. The best part about this song is that just by listening to it alone you can tell the castle is Dark, Corrupted, and Evil… The way it echoes makes it seem like the castle kinda looms over you… It's great!

  2. You want a harder zelda?
    Than play Zelda 2.
    Most of the gamer in the past said ,it was too difficult and unbeatable .and today most of you are crying about that many Zelda games are way too easy like this one is/was.
    Nintendo fans are respeak them self,
    That not means they are bad

  3. @ThunderbirdIV25 The fact is our gamers today don't understand games like this because they're too lazy these days and complain a lot how the game sucks when it is never even released yet we need HARDER games not easy games and games with surprises. Games were MEANT to be easy if they don't like it they might as well not play it remember games like Mine Sweeper or those difficult 8bit games yeah when you lost your lives that was that then you had to restart from the beginning and we didn't complain about it.. Todays gamers need to know what REAL gaming is if they wanna see hard and cry like babies let's take away the save feature and make them start over from the beginning hows that for harsh x)

  4. When you get a game over? You don't start from the last area you entered, or the beginning of the dungeon like in Ocarina of Time. You start back at the North Palace, which is the starting area of the entire map. You have to walk all the way to the raft, take that to the second mainland, and make your way through multiple battle screens to get back to the path leading up to the Great Palace. Trust me, this isn't an opinion related thing. It's fact.

  5. Have you played Zelda II? Majora's Mask, sure maybe there are enemies that hit you a lot, or are hard to beat… Zelda II? It's unforgiving. Go watch a video of the part leading up to the Great Palace. To even get there, you have to go across the entire map. Fast, flying enemies, that if they hit you, you get knocked back. And the area you need to traverse? Jumping over gaps. You fall in, you die. Guess what happens 90% of the time when enemies hit you? And the best part?