LONDON TO ROME {ROAD TRIP Driving through WESTERN EUROPE #France#Italy#Switzerland

A drive through Western Europe from the UK, starting point; Folkstone Shuttle, with the aim of getting to Rome. With stops in Reims, Dijon, Lyon and Nice (France) Monte Carlo (Monaco) Pisa, Florence, Rome, Como (Italy) and mad rush back to London through Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France again! Must visit locations are Nice and Monte Carlo where the atmosphere is indescribable, and puts you in instant “holiday mode”. Italy’s Pisa is charming and the hotel, 7 Rooms, were we stayed is highly recommended by us as it is within the “old city” where parking or even entering can be tricky without a permit. The hotel arranged this for us with payment made directly to the council.
Florence was very busy but we managed to visit the ” Galleria Dell’ Accamedia Di Firenze” the museum where Michael Angelo’s “David” sculpture is displayed after a short wait in the queue. Rome – So much to do there, but as we have been there several times, we vacationed and took it easy there.
Como is absolutely stunning and has a different vibe to most of italy imo. A short or long boat ride on the lake is a must. The lake borders Switzerland.
We made it back to London from Como in 2 days so no real stop overs on the way back. The highlight was driving through Switzerland which is very beautiful and scenic and although it was summer you could still see some snow capped mountain tops.


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