I ask London vacationers to face their concern of heights in digital actuality by attempting Richie’s Plank Expertise on the Oculus Quest. This was the primary time attempting VR for most of the members and a few of their reactions have been priceless…

Richie’s Plank Expertise on Oculus Quest might be releasing on 27th June 2019.

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Are you courageous sufficient to strive Richie’s Plank Expertise on Oculus Quest? Let me know within the feedback under…

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  1. Did you know Richies Plank Experience is based in Brisbane, Australia true fact that’s is indeed the city it is in.

  2. I'd just run and jump of saying…


    Wait… HOW AM I NOT DEAD?!

  3. I remember when I first got an Oculus Go and for those familiar it's a very basic headset but I tried Rush where you wingsuit glide down a mountain and I remember standing on the ledge and getting ready to jump and it felt so weird because obviously your eyes are telling your brain you're about to fall, your inner ear is telling your brain you're not actually falling so you do this little loss of balance for a sec but by then you're committed so it's really weird because it's like yes…wait no pump the brakes.

  4. i remember i was playing on the vr and when i was moving my Character my mom thought i was about to die and i just look at her like bruh

  5. Ok now do the same thing with a Teslasuit full body haptic feedback vest so they feel the wind and impact.

  6. Owww i am dying to try out something like this👏but i am scared shhhootless of heights🙈😂😂😂

  7. why are people so scared about walking a virtual plank? its virtual its not really there. and before u ask, yes i have tried vr

  8. One thing I think is super cool is that the tourist’s reactions aligned with the way people reacted when the first movie came out. (Everyone in the movie theater freaked out and tried to get out of the way when a train came towards the camera)

  9. For some reason I know this was 11 months ago but all I can think about is "wow good way to transfer covid" LOL. My brain is so used to social distancing now hahahhaa

  10. Am I The Only One Who Wants To Take A Running Jump Off Of That Plank? It Would Be Awesome And Plus No Death Haha

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