Lovelyz(러블리즈) – Obliviate [Music Bank / 2020.09.04]

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Lovelyz(러블리즈) – Obliviate [Music Bank / 2020.09.04]

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  1. Everything abt this stage is so gorgeous. The choreo, the movement, their voice, facial expression, are top tier. Except the blonde girl's screen time. She only has 3 lines but the cameramen… Maybe if she is not blonde, ppl will not notice her.

  2. Only a few make me goosebumps by their raw performance, you guys do the best as fans, result as a bonus. They are so ready and healthy for this comeback. FYI: Yves Saint Laurent GLOBAL AMBASSADOR is Rose' of BLACKPINK, one of the lovely vocalist. 😉

  3. 1. LOVELYZ in SUITS!!

    2. YSL suits it is!

    3. Mysterious and elegant intro

    4. Fallen black rose petals CG
    5. Great camera work

    6. Synchronized dancing (do you see those perfect legs sweeping and hand movement???)

    7. Stabil vocals

    8. Short haired maknae line

    Do you need more reasons to love this stage?

    1 more reason, see those gems on Mijoo's cheeks? Yasss!!

  4. their live vocals are so clear and clean 😭 and those outfits!! it’s only the second performance but the outfits are sooo good already 😭 now i really can’t wait to see what woollim has planned towards the end of their promotion