Ribble gave us free rein to create our ideal road bike for everyday use. What did we pick?

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  1. First thumbs up for the Ribble build……
    Partly because I’m lucky to possibly see the posting first and like the build – well done…..
    And I also comment because I ride and own a R872 Ie the previous 2016 model – and love the bike – it’s brilliant to be honest and can compare with two other major profile brands which I also own.

  2. I was going to be getting pretty much this exact bike, but with 105 for the hydraulic discs and upgrading to a carbon seat post. I didn't end up buying it as I got a fantastic deal on a second hand bike that new would have been totally out of my budget. Love Ribble though

  3. WTF! You said the "ideal everyday road bike" and mentioned commuting, but then went for crappy Tiagra (instead of 105 that's designed to be robust and do high mileage), then chose 25mm tyres instead of the available 28's (more comfy on crappy UK roads), with a carbon frame, carbon? for commuting on? It's going to creak and sound like crap after a few thousand miles. This doesn't seem anything like an ideal commuter bike to me chaps! 🙂

  4. At last! Great to see another roadie trackstanding. You should be teaching your viewers this and other skills and safety tips, before trying to sell them bikes. Fewer bikes on the road, but all better riders can only be good for cycling.

  5. I have the same colour R872 Disc, with full ultegra. Upgraded the tyres to 28mm GP 4 seasons and it has been a dream. I shaved 10 mins off my commute to work.


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