Meerkat Music presents Little Mix, Uncancelled! An exclusive Meerkat Music show, free for everyone, you lucky, lucky peoples.

And don’t rush off too quickly after the show, as very special bonus tracks will be availables – just download the Meerkat app and create an account!

Meerkat Music has partnered with Nordoff Robbins music therapy charity. To find out more about the partnership see here:
Meerkat Music Presents | Little Mix – Official

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  1. Before, I don't admire Leigh Anne because of her vocals are too weak, but now I admire her so much because of her strong vocals that is happening in her life right now. Her vocals now are so strong with full of power. I love it!

  2. To best friend sienna cant wait to see you at school. jessie, jade, Perry and leigh-anne you all sound great love you all whens your next concert could one of you get back to me i would love to see your next concert and meet you all also love your new albums holliday and break up song