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MIBR vs Wisla Krakow – 9 to 5 3 – BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

Twitch recap is the video the place all of the the perfect CS:GO clips, finest moments, professional highlights, twitch highlights, ксго, ксго лучшие моменты stream highlights collected in a single place. On this video you’ll find compilation of finest ace, clutch, 200iq play made by high gamers of csgo scene equivalent to s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, system, fallen, scream, kennys, симпл, shox and plenty of others. Additionally you’ll find finest moments from the matches of tier 1 groups like Liquid, NaVi, нави, Astralis, MIBR, FaZe Clan, NIP, Fnatic, Vitality, G2, Ence, Mousesports, EG, 100 thieves.


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  1. the crazy thing about those games is that Wisła didn't win some crazy clutches, there wasn't some 30+ performance by one dude or some other shenanigans you couldn't have thought of. Mibr just lost pretty standard games of counter strike against someone who seemed like a better team and it's embarasing.

  2. It really is hard to watch this team (MIBR) anymore hate to say it they just need to all move on from each other. I just feel like they would all shine in a different team fallen needs to just restart with 4 new hungry new players that is what he's best at Fer being the star player in another team and taco playing that same role he did in liquid somewhere else.