Minecraft Parkour Advent Calendar 2019 – 15th December

Merry Christmas 2019 all!

I swear to god the SPACE bar is broken, sticky perhaps :P. That’s my excuse…I am furiously pounding away at the keyboard like a squirrel searching for a new keyboard.

Happy 15th of December!

► Parkour Map v1.1 – Christmas Calendar – minecraftpg5



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I hate to ask, but if you don’t ask you don’t get, soooo…. Would you please subscribe 😀 or don’t…I won’t judge. 0_o *Gazing at you*

There is something special in the works for all those who will subscribe.


► Disclaimer:
I am by no means an expert 😀 I just did this for fun over Christmas and want to share that. I am no voice actor or video editor and things can and will go wrong, for I am not even human and just a Fox, I blame it on having no thumbs.

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Scenery created by:- VenatusVox

Good day to you.


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