Monarch tagging demo

Put a quick video together to show you how to tag a Monarch butterfly.
What is the purpose of tagging a Monarch?
Every fall citizen scientist all over North America carefully catch monarchs, and place a tiny, paper stick ID tag on one wing. The tagged butterflies are released and continue their journeys. When a tag is recovered, valuable information about migration is revealed. this is how their migration is tracked.
When a tag is found, scientist can record how fast or how many miles a Monarch can travel, and which way they are traveling. Like a message in a bottle, a tagged monarch is sent off with wonder: Where will my monarch be in a few hours, days or weeks? Will my monarch make it to Mexico, and who might find it along the way? (Journey North Website, Tagged Monarchs, Tiny Tags, Big Discoveries)
Can I be a citizen scientist?
Yes! Anyone can be a citizen scientist through careful observation, recording and reporting findings. Scientists can’t do it alone! Your discoveries help paint the bigger picture about Monarchs and their migration.
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