Morocco Bicycle Touring Surfari Episode 01

MOROCCO BICYCLE TOURING SURFARI EPISODE 01 is the latest adventure travel video from AgeHIGH. Combining my new found love for bicycle touring and life long obsession with surfing, I set off to exotic Morocco.

In this first video, I cover an essential ingredient for starting a bicycle tour off on the right foot. Then I pack up my Surly Ogre bicycle, Burley Coho bike trailer, and Cannibal Surfboard, and I’m off to Casablanca, Morocco, to start my cycling surfari.

Follow along as I leave the comforts of the city and set off solo traveling off the beaten path in search of scenic roads and perfect waves.

As always, AgeHIGH bicycle touring videos are not only shot but also edited while on tour. It is my firm belief that this “in the field” style of production more accurately captures the bicycle touring experience.

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