Mount Teide from Los Gigantes – Indoor Cycling Training

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About El Teide from Los Gigantes:
The route up to ‘El Teide’ is one of the iconic climbs of Spain. With an altitude gain of more than 2300 meters / 7 550 feet this ride is a climbers dream. But it is not just about altitude gain, the scenery is simply stunning. Some of the landscapes on this ride are surreal and could be from another planet. The ride ends in front of ‘El Teide’, the highest mountain in Spain and the second-highest volcano in Europe. The route starts close to sea level next to the harbor of Los Gigantes. It then works its way up through the busy streets of the resort town. As you leave Los Gigantes you ride through the banana plantations. After 6.7 km / 4.2 miles you get beautiful ocean views and in a distance you can see the balcony road to which you are going. A few kilometers later you get to the balcony road you could see in a distance earlier. This segment has beautiful ocean views and it feels more like riding in the sky than on the road. Pine, cactus, and lava now starts to take over the scenery. As you leave the main road and take the road up towards Teide you can enjoy a steady gradient of around 5-6 percent. This is a beautiful segment with pine and lava fields. After approximately 28 kilometers you get the first glimpse of a Teide wrapped in snow. For a few kilometers, you ride in the fog. Snow starts to appear next to the road and you are now riding above the clouds. With 10 kilometers left the scenery changes to large barren lava fields, and you can relax your legs for a bit descending a segment with negative gradients. As you do a left turn towards Teide, the scenery becomes even more surreal and reminds you more of Mars than of planet Earth. The route goes up and down through these extraterrestrial landscapes until the last push towards the top. The ride ends at the side road to Paradores Cañadas del Teide, the local hotel and restaurant. The perfect place to recover from the ride and enjoy the amazing view of ‘El Teide’.

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Adding music to the ride:
Most cyclists would agree that the ride to Col du Tourmalet is awesome. But when it comes to music opinions are very mixed. This is why we do not add music to our rides. We simply do not want to spoil your ride with music you do not like. But it is quite simple to add it yourself. Open an extra browser tab. Find a site that offers music (Spotify, YouTube, etc…) and pick the music you like and enjoy the ride…


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