Mountain climbers in S. Korea asked to be extra cautious during fall

가을철 산행 주의 ‘얕보다간 큰 일’

As the weather gets colder and leaves change color here in Korea,… many are heading up the mountains to enjoy the scenic views.
However, hikers are being advised to be extra careful,… as many accidents happen on the mountains this time of year.
Park Se-young has more.
These rescuers are transporting a hiker who fell while climbing Seoraksan Mountain.
Between September and November every year, when autumn leaves change color, there is a spike in the number of accidents.
In the last five years, four out of ten mountain accidents in Gangwon-do Province happened during autumn season.
And climbing down the mountain is more dangerous than climbing up.
“I think people lose their footing after drinking alcohol. There are people having a drink up there right now. Drinking makes you loose, you know.”
Many people also become dehydrated while hiking.
If climbing for three to four hours, …climbers should pack extra clothes, food and phone battery packs just in case.
And because it’s difficult to locate off-track hikers in emergency situations, it’s important to stay on the designated trails.
“Hiking off-track can be very dangerous. Also, remembering or taking photos of signs on trails can help you explain your location if there’s an accident.”
Hikers should schedule to climb down before sunset …and inform family or friends of hiking plans ahead of time.
Experts emphasize the need to prepare thoroughly for every hiking trip, …regardless of the size of the mountain.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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