Music for YouTube Videos

Discover how to get free music for personal YouTube videos and much more.

Need free music for your personal youtube videos? Here’s the deal:
If you would like to use our music in your personal Youtube videos, you have our permission if you will kindly like the video, subscribe to our channel, and copy and paste the appropriate information to your video description:

If you would like to monetize your videos on YouTube with Atomica Music, you will need a YouTube license, available at Fees are affordable and we will whitelist your video to avoid any copyright notices.

Commercial uses require a license based on the specific clearances involved and are available at Commercial licenses include:
-Uses by a business or non-profit
-Uses that promote a business, product or service
-Uses the you are paid to create
-Uses in tv, film, gaming, advertising, etc.


We add new music weekly! Thanks for listening, liking, and subscribing!
Music for YouTube Videos


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