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Hampi is solely magical. My 4 day journey to Hampi was superb, 4 days usually are not sufficient to discover it is magnificence, they are saying there are a number of numbers of Musical pillars in Hampi, the primary ones are within the Vitthala temple advanced. The information proven me few of them, then I began discovering extra Musical pillars on my own. I spent virtually a day discovering pillars that produce music. This pillar is from the Achyutaraya Temple advanced, I discovered this explicit pillar produce finest tonal variations.
**This video was featured in Historical Aliens present on Historical past Channel**
*This isn’t Alien expertise*

In keeping with ‘Shilpa Rathna Ajithagamana’ – a Kannada language literature of Vijayanagara interval, these pillars are made by Casting technique.

1. Rocks had been melted into liquid kind.
2. Sand and different minerals had been blended into the molten rock.
3. Molten rock poured into the form of the pillars, then lower and carved rigorously.
4. These pillars had been put in meticulously in presence of musicians throughout evening, in absolute silence.

these pillars are primarily categorized into two differing kinds:
1. ‘Sthri Shile’ which resonates like Veena and different string devices.
2. ‘Poon Shile’ resonates like percussion devices resembling Tabala, Mrudanga and so on.

The e book additionally talked about how Rangamantapa at Vijaya Vittala Temple, Viroopaksha temple and varied different temples had been constructed. Positively not aliens, however epic craftsmanship of historical Hindus.

This was shot on Redmi 3S Prime. (Audio & Video). Hope you may get pleasure from it.
Music pillars of Hampi – Journey Karnataka

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