Japan Travel Guide and Must Know Tips Before Flying to Japan. These are the Must-do things you should know before flying to Japan before it’s too late. Japan Travel for some is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to make sure you are prepared before coming to Japan. Knowing what you can do and what you need to prepare before coming to Japan will help you save time and money as well as ensure that you don’t miss some of the things that you want to do. Having a proper data plan and getting a SIM card in Japan, reserving Michelin restaurants, purchasing a JR Pass, booking that onsen ryokan hotel, getting Tokyo Disney resort plans sorted, purchasing sumo and Japanese baseball tickets, bringing prescription medicine to Japan and evening sorting out your Japan visa for the trip are all things you should consider before flying to Japan. In this video, I go through the details and provide all the necessary links so you don’t miss out on anything for your trip in Japan.

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— Must-Do Things Before Flying to Japan Links —

1:34 – 1. Get SIM Card
Mobal SIM Card

2.29 – 2. Reserve Michelin & High-end Restaurants

Pocket Concierge

Table Check

Tokyo Private Guide

5:03 – 3. Hotel Reservations

Rakuten Travel

Jalan Net

6:00 – 4. JR Pass

JR Rail Pass Calculator

9:10 – 5. Disney Planning

Tokyo DisneySea & Disneyland Top 12 Must Know Tips Hacks & Cheaper Tickets Guide

11:18 – 6. Visa

12:01 – 7. Events


Tokyo Giants

Ticket Pia (Japanese More options)

Ticket Pia (English Less Options)

14:01 – Medicine and Prescription Drugs

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

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  1. Speaking of flying,have you done a ‘a day in the life of an aviation mechanic’ or maybe just an airport employee in japan? It may be harder since i think you may need to be escorted or get security permission to go into the airport area.

  2. Regarding sim card. I've stayed at high end hotels where a mobile wifi hotspot is given complimentary during your stay. I didn't even know about it but glad i was too lazy to pre pay for a sim card. Check with your hotel!

  3. We actually ran into and issue while trying to execute our reservations set up by our local guide in Tokyo. He made the reservations, we arrived 10 min early only to be cut off and told "No Reservations, Number ticket and back of the line" by the host, not once but three times. After waiting to be seated we saw a table with a reservation tent on it. Not wanting to have our tour guide receive a call later for a "no show" foreign couple, I asked if that was for us and the staff went into a flurry of action… to include reprimanding the host. we ended up at a more private table because of it. Not a huge issue other than my ruffled feathers (I don't cut people off when they talk and don't like being cut off) but something to be aware of as travelers.

  4. I’m going to Tokyo for 2 weeks in July. But would like to go to the Hiroshima memorial for a day trip kinda thing. Anyone know if I would have to book in advance for something like that please? And if so, is there an official website for it? Thanks.

  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has already mentioned this but, before you go to Japan and get your SIM card whether you order it beforehand or get it at the airport, make sure that the SIM card won't get blocked. The cell phone dealer company my family and I switched to does not allow any other SIM card on our phones other than from the company in order for us to be contracted to the phone company for about two years so my mom's phone kept on saying that it is blocked or something.


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