My first China High speed Train Experience | ചൈനയിൽ ഞാൻ എന്തിന് പോയി | Travel Video EP # 7 DIGI 4 U

China High speed train experience. A DIGI 4 U malayalam Travel Video.From Hongqiao railway station to Suzhou railway station. Watch my China Trip Episodes from the link below. Subscribe channel from
1. 1st day Travelling from Dubai International Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao international airport and Exploring Shanghai street food at late night

2. 2nd day Shanghai Hotel room review and Dinner Party with Chinese friends, enjoying more than 10 chinese cuisines

3.3rd day Shanghai bud and Shanghai perls Tower night view and Chinese wine party by chinese friends

4.4th day My first chinese high speed train experience, Why did I go China, Shanghai china Auto Aircondition expo and High speed bullet train travel from Shanghai Hongqiao railway station to Suzhoubei railway station.

5. 5th day coming soon
6. 6th day coming soon
7. 7th day Experiencing China High speed bullet train trip from Tianjin Railway station to Hefeinan and Hankou and staying at chinese village at night

8. 8th day visit to Chinese Village in Wuhan , staying with chinese family and exploring there food and culture.

9. 9th day Breakfast with chinese family and visiting a village destroyed by japan army with bomb blast during second world war

10. 10th day coming soon
Watch my China Trip Video Playlist here
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