First of all turn on subtitles. In this video, I share the whole experience of what it was like to do my first freeride competition. I show you how we where scouting lines, thinking about my strategy to keep up with the other young and gnarly competitors. Despite taking it sort of easy I managed to score high enough to get the 7th place despite backslapping in my first run. The main reason I made this video is to show how much fun it can be to join and go outside of your comfort zone even if the lines you see in this video is nothing compared to what they ski in the freeride world tour. You gotta start somewhere right? 😛

Key lessons learned from competing:
– Easy to be cocky when scouting from the bottom. Expect shit to get rather scary standing ontop of your line.
– Drops are bigger than you think and the landings might be flatter than it looks from the bottom.
– Scout drops from as many angles as you can. Bottom, side, top.
– Ski within your limits and build your confidence slowly and ski harder at your 2nd and 3rd comp with more confidence.
– 30% of the competitors crashed 1 of their 2 runs = overestimated there skills. So if you stand your 2 runs you can easily beat the bottom 30%

00:38 Chapter 1: Going home
04:06 Chapter 2: Scouting lines | Day 1
07:25 Chapter 3: Ski the line and thoughts about it | Day 1
15:29 Chapter 4: Scouting lines | Day 2
18:34 Chapter 5: Ski the line and thoughts about it | Day 2
23:33 Chapter 6: Winners

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