New *Beautiful Russian Pop Music Video.Lauth Spelova *Hollywood * Кап-кап* Cap-Cap*Kap Kap.

(c) 2010 mamamusic (

Lauth Spelova Cap-Cap Hollywood.
If We’reTalking About Beautiful Music & Heavenly Sexy Sensual Beautiful Girls.Well This Music Video Has That And Much More.I Love This Music Video .And I’m Sure That You’re Going To Love It Too.
((( 5***** Music Video ))) Enjoy It.
(C)(CFrom Hollywood * Lauth Spelova & mamamusic1.
The RightsBelong To Their Respective Owners.Copyright Not Intended.
This Is For My Music Entertainment.Thanks.
New *Beautiful Russian Pop Music Video.Lauth Spelova *Hollywood * Кап-кап* Cap-Cap*Kap Kap.

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  1. @i was born in belarus but raised here in america but let me tell you this american women are rude and mean inside and out and half of them are fat and i m a chick so i understand this more easily than the american guys around here

  2. @kloey45 Kinda funny to hear that statement, since most americans are from places like Europe and Russia. Now if you mean Americans women are fucked up, yeah they are, but they're not all ugly. You want to talk about people that are physically not very attractive, you might be talking about aboriginee, or some siberian or mongolian natives. But as a group, they're not all that bad. You go to a local shopping mall and you see some beautiful american women. But fucked up (ugly on inside).

  3. @kloey45 Well, you're right about them being all fake. About 12-15 years ago I decided I would no longer date american women. I only would date foreign women. 9 years ago I married a Colombian. No regrets.

  4. Ladies and Gentelmans!I am RUSSIAN SONGWRITER ,who lives in France!I DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT WHICH BEAUTY YOU ARE TALKING?!!!This pop singers are o' key phisicly,but there are on this earth thousands of weman,quite more beautiful!And the most beautifull Russian girls we never see at TV,sometitimes at the Cinema and more often,just at the street!!!