Next CSGO Major Host! Nick Bunyun, Team Liquid Buyout! Tyloo Visa Issues, Cloud9 vs OpTic! & SPUNJ

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Follow me on Instagram: 00:06 – Who will host our next major? Announced Today!
1:12 – Nick Bunyun Sponsored by New Gambling Site
3:56 – Tyloo Finally Acquire Visas for Team
5:01 – NBA Team Announces Buying of Dignitas LIVE on Fox News
5:31 – CSGO and eSports Hits the News Again (video clip)
7:12 – Exciting Match between C9 vs. OpTic for Final ESL NY Spot!
8:08 – Dropthebomb TV Finale for Season 1 Welcomes New Guest!
8:50 – ANOTHER CSGO and eSports Org has been bought out….
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