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Follow me on Instagram: 00:06 – Who will host our next major? Announced Today!
1:12 – Nick Bunyun Sponsored by New Gambling Site
3:56 – Tyloo Finally Acquire Visas for Team
5:01 – NBA Team Announces Buying of Dignitas LIVE on Fox News
5:31 – CSGO and eSports Hits the News Again (video clip)
7:12 – Exciting Match between C9 vs. OpTic for Final ESL NY Spot!
8:08 – Dropthebomb TV Finale for Season 1 Welcomes New Guest!
8:50 – ANOTHER CSGO and eSports Org has been bought out….
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  1. you must stupid as fuck. he didn't trade in all the skins so of course he had zero dollars. he said you will earn more money than you would just opening cases from valve. at least watch the video dumb fuck. pretending like you know of shit

  2. Why did you only bring up nick?
    Other Youtubers like Moe and Sparkles made a video on Drakemoon!
    Moe was the only one that really did explain what the site was in a good way and how this is better then Csgo case oppening.
    Sparkles video got even more hate then Nick and in Sparkles video you rlly see that it was rigged!

  3. Eleague…really? Im so disappointed, i was really hoping for Dreamhack to have another event. Dreamhack tournaments/majors are just always amazing and they never disappoint. And they give the host to another fucking american org, eleague of all things…

  4. I think it's good that some higher profile/business minded investors are coming into csgo. They should be able to attract more sponsorship deals for their teams, as with this many viewers in esports players should be earning a lot more money. Eventually playing on a lower tier team will become more profitable so it's easier for talented players to make such a career choice which must be pretty hard to gamble on.

  5. Honestly, it's good gambling is back. Somewhat. Partially. I mean, gambling might be bad for you, but it gives an incentive to watch the matches. I swear, especially for online matches, viewership has gone down by 75%. So this will bring some of it back, not all, but some.

    In regards to Eleague hosting the major… Great! I was hoping for either DH or Eleague actually, so that turned out great. Can't wait!