NiP vs Sprout | Map 3 Inferno | Highlights | Dreamhack Open Fall

Highlights NiP vs Sprout | Inferno | Dreamhack Open Fall
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Sprout vs NiP World Rank
NiP #12
Sprout #38

Dreamhack Open Fall
DreamHack Open Fall 2020 is an internet European match organized by DreamHack. This A-Tier match serves as a Valve Regional Main Rankings occasion which can happen from Oct 15 to Oct 25 2020 that includes 16 groups competing over a complete prize pool of $115,000 USD.

Rosters: NiP Sprout
NiP: twist, Lekr0, REZ, nawwk, Plopski
Sprout: Spiidi, denis, snatchie, faveN, dycha

We all the time publish first! Subscribe:

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