North America Road Trip Timelapse Part XV: Glacier National Park (Logan Pass) – Ennis, MT

This is Part XV of a continuous TimeWarp of a road trip that spanned over 15,000 miles. Over the course of two months, we traveled to 19 states, 2 provinces, 1 territory.

We either drove through and/or stopped at 17 different national parks!

It’s hard to describe exactly what I was going for with this TimeWarp. The sites like the national parks, towns, and forests are beautiful, even in a Timelapse. The sky is incredible to watch as the clouds morph and the streaks of airplanes whiz by. The road with its unbounded dips and curves is truly enjoyable to watch.

Regardless of what brought you here, I hope you enjoy it.


This is a continuous TimeWarp. There were only two instances in which there are ‘true’ gaps, but total less than 3 miles of “lost road.”

Other strange cuts are mostly attributed to not displaying specific homes of friends and family I had visited.

I stopped approximately every hour to change the battery, which I used as a bio / mental break. When I stopped between those battery changes, it was often to clean my windshield of bugs… sorry for missing some lengthy clips with bug guts!

I tried my hardest to avoid the night, because why show a TimeWarp with nothing to see?


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