Not a vlog in Europe – October 2019

Hi hello this took FOREVER to edit so I’m sorry that it’s only coming out now but here’s a lil edit I put together from my Europe trip in October 🌎 I have a LOT to say about this trip and I didn’t get around to doing a voiceover sooo I’m gonna talk a little bit about it here – if y’all are curious about some of the details then read on… To start off, this whole experience was a completely mental, yet very eye-opening journey and I genuinely feel like it helped me to grow as a person. I was so anxious to embark on this trip by myself having never solo travelled before while also not being in a very good place mentally when I left but I’m so glad that I pushed past that fear and went out in the world – I came back a much more confident woman and it was definitely worth it. I met so many amazing people and did things that I never thought I was capable of doing by myself; despite being an anxiety-ridden individual, I managed to talk to complete strangers in foreign countries, find my way around unfamiliar places and make it back in one piece and you know what? I’m hella fucking proud of myself. Things didn’t exactly go to plan and I ended up missing one of my stops (Rome) because I missed my train and had a bit of an anxious episode but in the end, it worked out for the best and I got to see more of Paris instead. Next time I would love to see Rome and I now know that traveling alone isn’t just some distant dream for me – I’m more than able to make it a reality. I didn’t get much footage in Amsterdam or Bonn because I was exhausted and anxious as heck, but I would love to visit them again one day and see more off what they have to offer. I think out of all the places I visited, Barcelona was by far my favourite because of the awesome open mics that I went to and all the cool people that I had the pleasure of meeting and performing with. I sure hope to play with them again someday ❤️ Anyway, enough rambling, enjoy!!

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