Off Field Ski Flying | Using My New 360 Cam!

Here are the initial shots and edits using a new 360 camera angle. There’s definitely room for improvement but I think it’s gonna add a really cool new dimension to the videos.

Also, Vicki and I go through some of the important steps to remember when operating on skis away from the airport.
Aircraft: 1987 Spectrum Beaver RX 550
Engine: 65HP Rotax 582 Mod90 (Grey Head)
Oil: Amsoil Saber (pre-mixed at 80:1)
Prop: 64″ 3 blade Warp Drive with 7° of pitch
Stall Speed: 35 mph
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Max Level Speed: 75 mph
Never Exceed Speed: 95 mph
Rate of Climb: 1000 feet per minute
Fuel Capacity: 18 US Gallons
Fuel Burn: approx. 5 gph
Range: 200 miles (no wind)
Take off and landing distance: 100-250 feet
Empty weight: 540 lbs
Max take off weight: 1000 lbs
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