The Ondophone – the dream of a sound that never was… At least for now, there might be a future where the Ondophone will come to real life. In this weeks episode we are taking a closer look at the first Ondophone prototype, an amazing prototype that served its purpose perfectly by pointing out the flaws in the concept. Huge thanks to the ondophone Team:

Florian Hu

Carlos Montoro

Tommaso D’Amico

Check out Florians “7 Segment” here:

Thank you and have a great day, good luck with everything you are doing!

Video Sources:

Katherine Rhoda Marxophone Demo:

Ondes Martenot demonstration by Geneviève Grenier I OFF THE SCREEN I Exploratorium

Florian Hu

Carlos Montoro

Tommaso D’Amico

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Video edited by Hannes Knutsson


Thanks to the Marble Machine X Team 2019

►Alex Füßl | Alex CNC | Munich, Germany

►Carlos Montoro | Anjuda Guitars | Madrid, Spain

►Chris Nadon | Aix-en-Provence France

►Dwayne Myers | Safety | Phoenixville, PA, USA

►Ecco Pierce | All Things Ecco | Oakland, California, USA

►Florian Hu | fhuable | Wellington, NZ

►Jacob LaRocca | Rocket Props | Somerville, Massachusetts

►James Passmore | CAD9 Design LLC | Worcester MA

►Marius Hirn | Munich, Germany

►Nick Householder | Florida, USA

►Philip Brown (solo banjo) Winston Salem, NC USA

►Richard Southall | String HeArt | Devon, UK

►Sebastiaan Jansen | Leuven, Belgium (BE)

►Tim Keller | Inventopia | Davis California USA

►Tim Mitchell | CNC Machinist | Nashville USA

►Tobias Gutmann | Tobias Gutmann Prototyping | Munich, Germany

►Tommaso D’Amico | Vancouver, Canada

►Will Francis | Machine Thinking | San Francisco Bay Area, USA


►Viktor Stenberg, Calle Guldstrand, Gustaf Törner | ProtoCut
►Liam Ward
►David Lewis
►Tobias Smidebrant
►Erik Holke
►CNC Routerparts
►Nathan Skalsky
►Karin & Olof Eneroth
►Matterhackers –
►This Old Tony –
►Thomas Pilot –
►Roys Sheds Perth Australia
► –
Ondophone – A New Music Instrument | Marble Machine X 111

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  1. I can see where the sound of the Ondophone sells itself for its unique sound, dynamic color and sound quality, but for the use with the MMX it's not really suitable in its current evolution. It needs to be a one-handed instrument on the MMX, and the slider is the primary part that guides its notes. Some serious rethinking will need to be done to the slider design to allow all the dynamics and color that the Ondophone can offer without sacrificing the demand of one-handed operation. I easily see this instrument on the tour, but not attached to the MMX. Bravo on the Ondophone, Martin! Just know the best things have come from the unexpected results of mistakes and mishaps! Keep it up!

  2. It's like giving birth to a child, so you can raise it as better version of yourself, and then being angry at him because he became himself, and not yourself. Maybe it's not working as you wanted it to, but it's still fantastic, in it's own way.

  3. Have you tried attaching the spring hammer to the sliding module? That way you could play it like the maxophone, but still be one handed. Also, if you were to add a resonant body, you might end up with something that looks like a mountain dulcimer.

  4. i really like this sound, its not harsh or flat, nor overly digital like a theremin, and it's not sounding "dead" as there's a spring of life to it and has multiple ways it can be played, failure thou sayst? maybe for this project but as a whole this new instrument is really nice, what the comment section has suggested, maybe add a modified piano "back check" for shorter notes and like you said yourself, it may need a body to sound fuller, but all that requires is maybe the body to be slightly bigger and making its entire length a hollow construction.

  5. This instrument may have failed to capture the sound in Martin's head, but it doesn't fail to amaze. Sometimes, new inventions choose you. I hope Martin doesn't look past this invention to chase the perfect sound he imagined.