OUR ELF is a MERMAiD!? Morning Routine and Candy Drink Experiment! Adley Christmas Dance Recital

a fun day with the family and so proud of Adley for her dance recital!


Best Mermaid Day Ever 1054

Welcome to our new Christmas morning routine, where Adley and I wake up and find out what our Elf on the Shelf Snowy did while we were asleep! Today, she left Adley a note saying that she loves the snow, but also loves the beach and pretend playing being a mermaid. With that hint, Adley figures out that the Elf is by a sink and not only that, Snowy brought Adley a mermaid tail blanket that she can snuggle up in!

After having fun with the elf, we remember that last night we started an experiment with a crazy potion that Adley made. We put candy in water and wanted to see what it would taste like. After looking at it, I couldn’t drink it. Adley, being sooo brave, decided to give it a try and she liked it. Said tasted like lemons hahaha!! After a few more ingredients to our drink mix, it’s time for my second favorite part of the morning, getting Niko Bear!!

We go into his room and he’s super happy to see us. He and Adley instantly start playing games. We go down stairs to show him the mermaid tail and then we play some hide n seek with a new hidden elf that Niko got at the Spacestation Christmas party!! So much fun, I love spending my mornings with the fam!!

After I head off to work, Jenny and Adley go do some Christmas shopping for Adley’s teach as well as get school supplies for kids that need them. It’s a crazy adventure in the store and the girls find everything they need, along with a lot of toy ideas for Santa to bring Adley and Niko!!

We end the night, at Adley’s Christmas dance recital, where she gets flowers from Nick and Elise. We then go to Pookies house and play with a new marble game with the kids and Adley’s friend Rowen!! Such an amazing Best Day Ever!!

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