Our Quest and Adventure Continues at Columbus Zoo | Asia Quest, Heart of Africa and North America

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It is actually end of summer here in Ohio USA and last September 22nd, we went to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and made a blast before start of fall to share with you our exciting and wild adventures! Please come and join me exploring these amazing animals!

You can see Asia from here.
Join us on a quest through Asia and encounter wildlife facing the threat of extinction. Who you’ll meet at Asia Quest
On your quest through the Himalayan village, where you’ll meet Hanna, the reticulated python, as she coils her long body, watch as large flying fox bats spread their wings and see Bornean sun bears napping in the sun’s rays. Trek past rhinos and Asian elephants, including Hank, the largest Asian elephant in North America. Continue along the shaded path, where you will spot red pandas sleeping high up in the trees and see markhors leaping from rock to rock. Then as you reach the end of the path, come face-to-face with playful Amur tigers as they sprint, romp and pounce on one another.

Travel to Africa without ever leaving Ohio! Spanning across 43-acres, this is the Zoo’s newest and largest region to date. As you walk through the portal you’ll be transported with the sights and sounds of the Mudiwa Village all around you. Hear the rhythmic drumming pulsing through the plaza and the buzz of a busy marketplace.

Take to the North America trail and hear a wolf howl, marvel as a bald eagle spreads its wings, come face-to-face with playful Alaskan brown bears, and watch a polar bear on land and underwater. #columbuszoo #animals #explore #adventures #zoo #pets #expedition #congo #columbuszoomedia #aquarium #africa #northamerica #asia

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