The song is “Pavane For A Dreary Night” by San Quilmas Consort and the art is from Deviant art web site.
Pavane For A Dreary Night (haunting music gothic Celtic art)


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  1. Are you talking about the written music for this? I'm mot sure Corentinbes. I know very little about music other than I like listening to it. So I don't understand your question. Sorry. Maybe some one else here can offer a suggestion?

  2. Well dear BusyBOX its not my music. I used it for this video project so I dont see why you would not be able to use it for your project as well. Unless you make money on your project. Then San Quilmas Consort might not like that very much.

  3. I'm not sure but it does kind of looks like Hogwarts doesn't it. I made this video some time ago and back then I was not keeping track of the artist's names. If I had we would know who made that image. All my recent art videos have all the artists names and any I make from now on will have them.

  4. @batlady2 it's a long project–just on ch. 5 right now–but i hope to get it out by october for the mystical bloodlust tour. it's called 'Lithium', it's about a tragic love story between a loup-garou and a born-vampire that ultimately shapes the future of "our world" and the "Neverworld." if you'd like to read what i've written so far, email me and i'll send you the website you can read it from 🙂

  5. a good example of the distant hints of culture we've all but lost. so much we've forgotten, and taken for granted. its not particularly my favorite music, but there's a soul to it. a soul that a lot of our current music doesn't really represent anymore. good video.