Platform Aerospace TEAM SKYDIVING

Platform Aerospace took the team skydiving at Skydive Orange in Fredericksburg VA to do some team bonding. You could say we took “Trust Fall” to an entirely new level. We usually work on modifying airplanes, so why not jump out of one. Check out the video highlighting an awesome day, and a great team to work with.

Platform Aerospace is the industry leader in rapid aircraft modification and is always seeking quality candidates to be a member of our family.  We are an SDVOSB with strong capabilities and experience in Aviation Modeling, Design, Development, Prototyping, Air worthiness testing and Flight certification and are looking for candidates to fulfill various roles. Platform Aerospace is a fast paced environment supporting DoD and customers developing, prototyping, manufacturing and testing systems and subsystems and are continually recognized by CBP, NASA, NOAA, NRL, ONR and others for routinely accepting mission-critical projects and delivering engineered solutions. We offer competitive pay, great benefits and a warm friendly environment that provides growth opportunities. Check out


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