For decades now popular music has been telling us what to do and when to do it… I’m tired of it and I’m sure you are too.
Pop Music Brainwash


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  1. @loymad87 and i didn't even hated you i thought you as an open minded person who is probably 6 or 7 years older than me who can actually see what's behind the music industry today
    but it seems you take my observation too seriously

  2. @loymad87 calm down man i just made a comment and in addition, you don't need earbuds to talk in a video how r u supposed to both hear and talk wtf are you alexander the great lol
    I would like to see how much you've changed in these three years you've made this video, but i won't even bother, which is not even needed, i would prefer to read book than watch your vid

  3. The glasses are from a 3D documetary I saw at the iMax theatre. The earphones are from my iPod and if you can recommend a better portable MP3 player that makes me "not brainwashed" do advise. Considering that I grew up in one of the few places in South Africa where it snows, my hoodie tends to play it's part. My only problem with youtube is that it gives ignoramouses like yourself a platform to shout your irrelevant babble. I do not know you, therefore you don't exist.