By DJ Yoshitaka, and also featured in IIDX GOLD. Fun!

Lyrics as requested:


あの日から 恋に落ちた僕はいつの間にか

誰よりも強い想い いつか届くように
願い続けるよ 今僕が見つけた小さな恋は

(piano solo then repeat from chorus)

Sure chigau tabi ni
Dokidoki to koi no yokan
Ima sugu, tobidashite
Kimi no tokoro made yuku kara

Ano hikara, koi ni ochita
Boku wa itsu no ma ni ka
Anata to no kyori kan o
Ishikishi hajimeru

Dare yori mo tsuyoi omoi
Itsuka todoku you ni
Negai tsudzukeru yo ima boku ga
Mitsuketa chiisa na koi wa
Hitoshirezu ookiku naru

(piano solo then repeat from chorus)
Pop'n Music 14 – High School Love EX

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  1. It's on Gold as a "IIDX record", which can only be accessed through e-Amusement (You earn points (GP) for playing songs (which are either CS-exclusive, new songs, or crossovers, like this one), then you can access that folder that allows you to play those songs), which we'll be getting over in US for 1st time for DDR Supernova 2.

  2. I just started playing Gold, and I discovered this AMAZING song on there. I had no clue it was on pop'n! Did this song actually come from 14th? I always have a hard time going through songlists on pop'n since I'm by no means a native Japanese speaker.